How to Set Up a Woodwork Workshop

Are you a woodworker looking to set up your woodwork workshop, but the small  space you have available coupled with limited funds are preventing you?

What if I told you that even with a small space, even as small as 8ft by 8ft, you could set up up a fully functional complete workshop. Interested?

I too was skeptical, but it turns out that it is really possible to get yourself your own woodwork shop that will be a dream to work in and make you the envy of your fellow woodworking friends.  And the real bonus is you don’t have to worry about not having a lot of money. You can do it on a small budget!

Can it Really Be Done?

Setting up your woodwork workshop shouldn’t be that difficult, right?

But unless you know how to, exactly what you need to do and more importantly what you shouldn’t be doing, it can end up as rather a “hit and miss” affair with not the results you were looking for as well as being an expensive drain on your pocket! 

There is a different way, a way that makes it easy to have the woodwork workshop you’ve always wanted even in the smallest space and at a price that won’t break the bank!

Ralph's Ultimate Small Shop

You can have your Woodwork Workshop!

 The Ultimate Small Shop Guide will help you set up your fully functional small shop on the budget you can afford. Everything you need is clearly shown in this brilliant book.

Whilst here are plenty of guides out there on how to setup your workshop none of most of them  focus on how to do it on an affordable budget – which has to be, in my opinion, one of the most important things.

Anybody can set up a brilliant workshop if you have a bottomless budget! But not everyone has that type of of wallet!  So all tips and advice are woth their weight in gold when setting up a woodwork workshop on a budget.

Ralph’s Ultimate Guide will to save you from the agony  of setting up your perfect workshop. No more wasting time or money buying the wrong tools. Everything is clearly explained and you’ll be up and running before you know it – ALL WITHIN YOUR BUDGET!

What's Covered in the Guide?

Tool Selection

Find out exactly which tools you need for your woodworking before you start buying them so you’ll never spend your hard earned cash on tools that just ends up at the bottom of a box unused

Space Selection

The pros and cons of all the possible types of home workshops.

Brilliant ideas and layouts for all sizes of workshops, from small to large. How to set up a woodworking shop in your garage, basement, attic, or other spaces around your home.

Workshop Layouts

How to plan and design your workshop to fit brilliantly into whatever space you have available… without the need to miss out on tools and machines you must have.  Don’t miss the workshop plans for spaces that are 10’ x 10’ and smaller!

Electricity, Lights & Sound Proofing

Learn the best practice regarding lighting and electricity for your workshop, including fitting and costs.

The cheap circuit type that can power almost anything without ever risking a blown breaker. How to lower 70% of the noise that escapes from your workshop!

Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & Dust

The one clever hack that makes sure you have clean air even without inside-to-outside ventilation (which can make your workspace either hot or cold
Why those seemingly cheap to buy heaters are not the way to go if you want to save yourself cash. And what to do instead. Plus, the best types of heaters that are well insulated and those that are not

Workshop Safety & More

Two very clever tricks to avoid tripping over cables.
Learn how 90% of workshop fires can be prevented by doing this one simple after work thing
Plus, The essential 10 item checklist for workshop safety.



If you are looking to build a workshop on a budget but don’t know where to begin, visit ultimatesmallshop.com and find out how you will set up your ultimate small workshop today.

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